how to make your computer faster?

1- Restart your computer, that will start a your OS in fresh mode and load only needed services.

2- Ensure that your OS and Software is always up to date.

3- Scan your computer with updated antivirus program, that will prevent and kill any running virus in the background of your computer.

4- You should always have a suitable free disk space on your Computer, delete unneeded data, including old downloads, installers and .zip archives, You can also move files to external drives and delete the originals on HDD. If you feel that the free disk space is Insufficient and you can't remove more files from your HDD then it’s time to replace you hard drive with bigger one.

5- Upgrade your Hard drive to the Solid State Drive SSD, that will improve your computer performance.

6- Remove any new program or hardware that may slow down your computer and see if the computer to run faster.

7- Quit all applications that you are not using and work with as few open apps as possible every time.

8- Increase the computer memory by adding more or replacing your RAM with bigger one.

9- Use An advanced registry cleaner which can deep scans to eliminate obsolete and invalid entries, registry holes, and fragments located deep in the registry.
The result will be a clean, defragmented registry with contiguous files that gives the computer faster data access.

10-If your computer is more than 5 years old, it can't perform well with new released of OS and programs, some time it can't even run them, that mean it's time to have a new computer.

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